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My story, Gusher, has had almost 24,000 readers since I published it in June 2018. 

"I really enjoy your stories -- it's good writing. I loved how Dean and Joey grew slowly into their relationship, almost edging ever so carefully into a love for each other. They were respectful, even in their teasing."

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Danny Ray


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Murder Is So Common

No More Wasted Tears

Divorce can be hell on a man after he realizes he is actually gay. Days and months can seem endless to a lonely heart in need of healing. Losing your wife and your kids with your world crashing around you brings tears of regret. The feeling of betrayal and dishonesty can haunt your every waking moment, until ... until that one special someone gives you unconditional love. Romance for Evan, comes late in his life, but he adapts quickly, and finds not only his one true love, but his children come to love and respect him for his decisions. The tears he shed initially were wasted. Now he only has tears of joy.